IMC Aloe Livkare Tablets


Aloe LivKare is an herbal supplement that enhances and improves the liver’s health and function. It contains all-natural ingredients that help in detoxifying and eliminating the toxins from the liver. It is hepatoprotective and also protects the liver against various infections and liver disorders. Aloe LivKare can also reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver and is highly effective in jaundice, hepatitis, spleen, and other liver disorders.


Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulsi and Kutaki.


Take one tablet in the morning and evening or use it as directed by the physician.


Detoxifies and keeps liver healthy. Improves and keeps up the overall body functioning. Protects the liver from infections and disorders. Reduces the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver.

IMC Aloe Livkare Tablets

30 Tablets

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