IMC Garam Masala Powder


The Garam Masala is known as the king of all ingredients. It has many therapeutic benefits and is made by mixing majority herbs and essential spices including kali & safed mirch, jeera, dhania, lavang, dalchini, jaiphal, ginger, big elaichi, and tej patta. Each of them have tremendous health benefits and also make the food more authentic and aromatic. Some of the benefits of Garam Masala include – Fights disease and builds immunity, Relieves pain and inflammation, slows the aging process, promotes and instigate weight loss, increases vitamin, mineral and protein absorption, relieves gastrointestinal problems, heartburn and also soothes the upset stomach.


Kali Mirch and Jeera.


Cook vegetables of your choice as you make. Sprinkle some Garam Masala. Keep it on low flame for 3-4 minutes. Enjoy your cooked vegetable with IMC’s Garam Masala.


Ads nutritional value to food and make it tastier and spicy. Also serves as tridosha destructor. Its anti-obesity and enhances immunity. Strengthens heart, sharpens brain and boosts memory.

IMC Garam Masala Powder

100 gm

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